Shipping Updates

S.J. Tilly Alliance Series

Status - These are in the process of being packed and shipped out. Keep an eye out for your shipping confirmation email.

Frost Industries - Montana Fyre

Status - Due to be shipped 8-10 weeks after the close of pre order (28 February), subject to receiving the books from our printer. Due to ship mid May; delays with printer. These will be finished within the week and then shipped to us. We anticipate receiving then in early June for shipping.

April Literati Subscription Book (Insatiable Kitten by Sarah JD)

Status -  These were received prior to the end of April however, unfortunately the printing quality was not up to our standards. We have requested our printer reprint the books and they have confirmed we will have them shipped to us on the 20th of May. We apologise for the delays however, we would much rather ensure that the quality of the books sent out are to a standard that our customers will be satisfied with. 

These are finished and anticipated in the warehouse this week for shipping.

May Literati Subscription Book (Dragon Slayer by C.A. Rene)

Status - These are completed and the books should be received in the warehouse this week. They will be shipped on time, prior to the end of May,

Nicci Harris - KOTD pre order

Status - These are due to ship 8-10 weeks after close of pre order (21st of March). Shipping would be due around 30 May.

We currently have the paperback books in the warehouse. The hardcovers are all printed and being shipped to us, anticipated in warehouse around the first or second week of June. We are also awaiting signed book plates. 

The paperbacks will be sent out as soon as we receive the book plates.

Any multi orders, or hardcover orders will be sent out slightly after the anticipated shipping time of 30 May, anticipating mid June.


Multi Orders

If you have an order with multiple items in it, your order will be sent as soon as the final book box in the order is available.


Updated as at 21st of May